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    Question Unanswered: Requerying multiple subforms in a Tab Control

    If someone could please point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I am having trouble "refreshing" or "requerying" my forms/subforms in a tab control. I have searched high and low on here and other various places without any luck. I have tried numerous methods such as requerying the parent and/or child form in multiple ways. Such as the tab controls On_Change event or a tabs On_Click event. I am lost on where to place a requery event and what code I need to use. HELP!

    The scenario is as follows:

    I have a main form named "frm-EntryMAIN" that has a two tabbed control named "EntryTAB". The first tabs name is "TABComp" and the second is "TABAdd". The first tab "TABComp" has a subform named "subfrmCOMPANY" w/ a source from "frm-Company (which was made from a table, not a query)".

    The second tab "TABAdd" has a subform "subfrmADDRESS" w/ a source from "frm-CompanyAddress (which was made from a query off of the table which was entered in the first tab)". I did this just to show the company name instead of just an CompanyID. My Access experience and skills are very limited so I don't know how well my methods are. However within this subform there is another subform named "frm-CompanyAddress" w/ a source from "frm-CompanyAddress".

    All I am trying to do is that when I enter information in the first tab when I goto the next tab the information is already updated in the subfrmADDRESS query form that the form "frm-CompanyAddress" is linked to so I can add additional information for the Company. As I've said, I've tried many different scenarios w/ requery, repaint, and refresh and have had no luck what-so-ever. I am so lost but I am not giving up!

    For those that may sugguest I just put the company name and address in one table I simply can't because there is a lot information for a particular company but that company may have numerous addresses and I didn't want to repeat the company name over and over.

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    try something like this. Place this code into the OnChange event for your Tab Control:
    Select Case Me.EntryTAB.Value
       Case 0
       Case 1
    End Select
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