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    Unanswered: If statement

    How do I determine if a value has more then x characters?

    I am calling a value from a db....if there is no value I want my form to do one thing, if there is a numbered value I want it to do another thing...Anyone know the code to determine this?

    I have

    If [previousir] >= 1 Then

    But this only determines if the [previousir] has a numbered value whereas it may not have a number value. How do I determine if [previousir] is merely nothing or a number?

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    It is not entirely clear to me what you want to do exactly: react to a different number of characters or react to the fact that a field is empty. In each case, here are a couple of functions which are probably useful for you:

    Len(x) -> determines the number of characters of x
    isnumeric(x) -> true if x is a number
    isempty(x) -> true if x is empty

    Hope it's helpful


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