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    Unanswered: Anything bad about "+" special character?

    Hi there,

    I am currently coding a mysql/php database combo and have pretty much stripped all special characters with everything. So the name "Mike&Joe" became "MikeJoe" for example. I noticed, however that if I use "Mike+Joe", everything works great. It even works well with mod-rewrite, but I am not sure if having a + sign in a URL is good or not, such has

    Does anybody here using mysql use the + sign? Is this a friendly special character or something that I should avoid if at all possible.


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    I wouldn't use it. Even though it works fine, its best to avoid 'odd' characters. Usually, it will work for a while, then an update may come out for one software package that will annihilate your implementation

    Unless using the '+' character is critical, avoid using it. It may even be a bug that it works in your specific implementation!

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