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    Unanswered: SQL2523W and SQL2001N errors --Restoring database from a backup

    Hi All,
    I am trying to restore a DB2 7.2.3 database from a backup. I believe backup was done on a windows 2003/2000(I didnt do the backup). I am trying to restore it on my windows XP professional machine.
    I have DB2 7.1 with fixpacks 3 and 5 applied making it 7.2.3.
    I tried restoring the backup by itself and i got a "The database alias parameter is not valid or not specified " error.
    I googled the error and found some advice about need to create a database and then restoring the backup over it.
    i didnt get the directory structure right and i got this error.
    The error SQL2542N means No match for a database image file was found based
    on the source database alias and timestamp provided.
    I found some advice on this forum which asked me to just point to the root of the drive in my case (g:\).
    I did that and used this command "restore database testdev from G:\ into testdev". I got this error.

    SQL2523W Warning! Restoring to an existing database that is different from the database on the backup image, but have matching names. The target database will be overwritten by the backup version. The Roll-forward recovery logs associated with the target database will be deleted.

    SQL2001N The utility was interrupted. The output data may be incomplete.

    I don't know what else to do . Also i would like to add that the guy who did the backup, backed up the database on my portable hard drive and i am using the same drive connected by USB to my XP pro machine.

    PLease help !!!!!!!

    ps : UPDATE .....
    I tried this command

    restore database testdev from g:\ to e:\ into testdev without prompting

    SQL2540W Restore is successful, however a warning "2523" was encountered

    during Database Restore while processing in No Interrupt mode.

    I don't see any of the application tables either.
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    can you use another backup image and try again?
    IBM Certified DBA for DB2 UDB
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    trying again but i dont have another image

    Hi ,
    I will try as you have advised me but i don't have access to the original db server. I only have access to this one particular image that my coworker made back in september.

    Do you think it could be a problem with this particular image ?


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    there are currently database objectrs locked or in use..

    I tried running the command but it came up with this error.

    SQL1035N The database is currently in use. SQLSTATE=57019


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    place the file in a directory like
    change values :
    where DB2NT = databasename
    DB2 = instance name
    20051120 : date of backup
    create all in command window in uppercase ( do not use explorer)
    db2 connect reset
    restore .... from c:\BACKUP at 20051120.....
    take care that all container paths exist, otherwise redirect is needed
    and rollforward if needed
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    You can check the integrity of the image by using

    db2ckbkp -a <file_name> the file that is at the end of the directory structure.



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    Backup restore working

    Hello All,
    Thank you all for helping me out with your suggestions.. I truly appreciate your advice as it came at a critical time for me..
    I look forward to reading through this forum and gleaning all the pearls of DB2 wisdom from you guys..
    My result was that I rebooted my machine and went to my control center and looked at the tables for the particular database in the right pane and lo behold ! they were all there !!!

    I did a db2ckbkp on the backup and it came out ok.


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