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    Unanswered: Backup To Network Share

    I would like to backup my databases to a network share (NAS) instead of local disk using Maintenance Plans created by Enterprise Manager. I have successfully used a UNC path to target the destination network share but have not been to figure out how to submit a logon to the network share before the backup is executed.

    The SQL Server instance is running in the context of the local system account.

    Can I insert a step in the SQL SQL job that is created by the Maintenance Plans that changes the Windows account that the backup runs under? If yes what command syntax would I use in the inserted step or is there another way to accomplish that I'm attempting to do?


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    To do this you need the SQL Service to run as a network user account that has pemissions over the share.

    That being said it is generally reccomended that you create your backup file locally and then copy it over the network using a DOS batch file that uses copy or some such method.
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