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    Unanswered: 9i windows rollback segment file cannot be read urgent

    hi all,
    got in just now, database is mounted, it did a shutdown ora-600 during lgwr.
    If I try to restart the services in windows it just mounts the db.
    Cannot get into sqlplus to do anything.
    enterprise manager just gives me an exclamation mark if I try to start the db.
    alert log full of following messages ..
    Errors in file D:\oracle\ora81\RDBMS\trace\livePMON.TRC:
    ORA-00376: file 8 cannot be read at this time
    ORA-01110: data file 8: 'D:\ORACLE\ORA81\ORADATA\LIVE\ENTROLL'

    Looks like it has lost the data file, or somwthing like that.
    what do I do?

    It is a rollback segment ... can I copy the one from the cold backup at the weekend over it, or will this screw things up even more?

    How do I get to enter commands like "recover datafile" etc if I do not have sqlplus available?

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    OK with windows when you restart the service it tries to start the database aswell. In the registry find ORA_SID_AUTOSTART and set it to 'FALSE' in the registry to allow instances to be started through sqlplus. Then login through sqlplus as sysdba, then you should be able to mount and do recovery.


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