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    Post First Year College Student. DESIGN Question!!!!PLZ

    My Idea is to have a database that will keep track of NHL scores, teams, players, and stats. Below are my rough designs. Can someone help me out to make this a better design?

    ERD (erd.gif) - I don't think this is accurate.
    Relationships (Relatiochip.gif) - I don't think this is acurate

    Please Feel free to post any comments\critisims.

    My course:Computer Programming
    Class: Introdution to Databases
    School: Algonquin College Ottawa
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    You're close. have a look here. The first thing that strikes me is you don't have internal keys for score, players or stats. The second red flag is you used teamname instead of teamid as a foriegn key to players. The third biggie is how you related players to stats.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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