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    Question Unanswered: Is a bound treeview possible ?

    Hi there,

    A little design question. Is a bound treeview possible ? So, given that I create a table with the nodes and its connections, is it possible to have a treeview directly connected to a table as you would do with a textbox or something ?

    I have data which is very suitable for viewing and selecting in a treeview. I have some code now which connects a table to a treeview but in a creative (read ugly) manner. It works but I think it is prone to errors and it cannot be used in general (the number of branches is fixed; to create a new leaf node, the user has to create a record with the fields representing the branches towards the leaf node; ...)
    If I tell you how I am doing it all right now, you'll probably have a good laugh so I was wondering if there are any better ideas floating around.
    At the moment, it is useful for selecting data but the creation and maintenance of the tree is a pain in the ass.


    BTW Other design ideas for treetype data are welcome too
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    Give this a Read. It may help a little.
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    Tnx, that's certainly a good read !

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