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    Question Need a new printer for B/W printing

    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm needing a new printer as my girlfriend keeps nagging me about not being able to print stuff, thing is all i need it for is to print B/W pages.

    Is it possible, something with huge ink tanks and lasts forever?

    any recommendations muchos appreciated.

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    given the current relative cost I'd look seriously at a laser, but check the cost of the consumables. Check the model you buy can be easily refilled or has clone cartirdges from a reputable supplier. Check memory can it be added to using generic memory modules

    Inkjets can be refiiled but they are still very expensive.

    effectively that means sticking to someone like HP & Cannon and others.

    Often the very cheap B&W printers have very expensive consumables (eg you have to buy their cartridges), and other bits of the machinery (such as transfer belts, fusers etc) need replacing very quickly (and expensively)

    generally speaking the refill cartridge / replacement cartridge manufacturers play the market (ie they satisfy the most used products first. so the more exotic printers tend not to get serviced or if so often quite late.

    There are relatively few laser engine manufacturers so brand x printer may share the same laser engine as other (seemingly more famous brands).

    eg Panasonic used to use Samsung printers. Canon used to supply the majority of the laser engines used by HP & many other brands eg Brother)

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