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    A partner to receive funds is needed.

    Look, I'm selling laptop units and other stuff at eBay, so my items cost a lot.
    My problem is that I'm located in Estonia and PayPal offers here only a Send money service,
    ebay buyers - they all use PayPal you know the most popular right now , etc ...

    So I want to offer some partnership to people who can handle this PayPal payments for me.
    I mean, your part will be is only to receive the payments, withdrawal them to your bank account
    and send me my cut.. As for your, it'll be 15% cut from a cleared money amount..

    Like 15% from a regular goods eBay deals for doing a minimum job.

    All you must have is a verified PayPal account.
    The other fees (like PayPal , Western Union) will be covered from mine cut, so your 15% will be "clear".

    And I'm need only really interested people in serious job, not a time-wasters, etc ..
    real business, could be started same day you mail me .

    Here is my mail, Feel free to mail me if you are interested,
    it's the only way to contact me quicly..

    Thank you.

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