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    Unanswered: Stumped with repeating items in 2 joined DB's

    I have a somewhat simple problem but it's bugging me to death. I can't get around it.

    I'm using Crystal reports 9.2.


    Customer table
    Order Table

    I want customer names listed from the Customer Table where there was an order sent to Florida (which is identified in the ORDER TABLE)

    ORDER TABLE is linked to CUSTOMER TABLE with an inner join.

    Every time I run the report the customers name lists multiple times (If 5 orders were found then the name lists 5 times.)

    No matter how I mess with the joins I get the same results.

    How can I get around this. I only want the Customers Name to list a single time -- not once for each order that met the selection critera.

    I would REALLLLY apprecate any advice here.

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    Create a group section for the Customer field name from Customer table, leave ORder fields in details section

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