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    Unanswered: Where Can I find system password?

    Dear Forum members:

    I try to log in SQL with user name: system and password: manager, but I got an error message says password is invalid. I might changed password for system. I want to know which file should I look to find password for username system, or how can I change system password, so I can login with different password.

    I installed oracle 9i on d drive there are 3 folders: admin, Ora92 and oradata.
    which folder will contain the log file for system's password?

    Please give me some suggestions. Thanks!


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    Did you write it down on a yellow sticky and place it nearby?

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    Do you realy think it's that easy to obtain system passwd? ;-)

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    See: if you changed the pw for system, you should carefully remember it... best without using post-its.

    There is no way to retreive the pw again without being "system"... the encryption methods refuse any manipulation. The pw cannot be found within any file "passwords.txt" on your machine, but encrypted within the database files... no way, again.

    Only way to get this right: deinstall Oracle and reinstall it. Don't forget to remember the system-pw...

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