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    Unanswered: report help plz Gurus!

    Printed Purchase Order Report(Portrait)

    Need to modify this report the user wants to put a amount range ie between 100-500 or between any amount.
    say if he puts todays date and then all the PO which are less then Amount $400
    so he will put $0-$400 any idea how to modify the code plus need to create value sets please let me know

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    Well since its a standard report, you would want to make a copy and put it in your custom top so you don't screw up the real one.

    Since i haven't looked at the report, I can't tell you specifically, but it sounds like you need to add 2 parameters, called something like :P_LOW and :P_HIGH. In your where clause, you would then do something like:
    where.... and amount between :P_LOW and :P_HIGH
    As for value sets, you can just use one of the standard number ones and make it a mandatory field. Unless you have specific intervals or values, in which case you can just create your own and put in values.

    Hope that helps - that is a really really specific question for this forum so I tried answering the best I could.
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    hope this work thanks

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