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    Unanswered: Urgent ...MS Access problem....

    Hello Experts,

    Pl. help me in designing a small application..This app. is to be used by 12 users. We need

    an application to log time spent by the team in this is a time sheet system. I

    know how to design a table, a form etc..My question is how can many users share the same


    Let us say that on my computer I have created the database as db1.mdb. (it has all the

    tables , forms etc) Now for other users to use this what do I have to do?

    Also can MS Access be used to make an application which supports simultaneous use by 12

    persons?I mean can it support such an app?

    Will be most thankful for your inputs..This is urgent.


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    you can share your database .mdb but I don't think users will be able use it (modify data) at same time. see documentation for more details.

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    I once saw some people trying to use an access app as a back end to an ASP\IIS application. Once they got near 20 users the whole thing tanked. I think I saw some documentation at the time talking about 2 dozen users but I would not try it.

    Do you have SQL Server at your disposal? I would try upgrading your backend database. I forget how many users MSDE can support but I would look into that or the SQL Server Express edition. Both of which are free.
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