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    Unanswered: Selecting Printer for CRViewer

    My CRViewer control always previews using DEFAULT system printer but I want the user to change printer in previewing.

    I tried using Report.SelectPrinter but it only works for printing (on paper) or exporting. It doesn't affect previewing on CRViewer control. It always uses the system default printer. Printing on paper or exporting always use correctly the printer the user selects (with SelectPrinter) but the only way to change printer for previewing is change default system printer.

    My question is: How can i change printer for PREVIEWING ?

    Note: this is really important because the user must have for several reasons a Generic / Text Only printer as default system printer, but he has to preview and print on a laserjet printer. In this context, after selecting printer, the preview window always uses "Device Font" instead of "Times New Roman" also if printing on paper is correct.

    Many thanks in advance!
    (vb6 + crystal 10)

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    Create another form in your vb app (see attachment) so that when user click your print preview option this form opens
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