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    Cool Unanswered: Inserting comment in a locked cell

    Hello XLS experts,
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to insert comments into locked cells?

    The reason is I have sensitive information on these cells and do not want others to change them; however I need their inputs and comments on these cells.

    At the moment I can only have one or the other, i.e. either locked or teh ability to inset comments, but NOT both

    Please help!

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    Howdy, Mags. Couple of questions. If you have XL 2002 (XP) or 2003, then you will be able to do that. When you protect the sheet (Tools > Protect > Protect Sheet), you have the option of allowing what you want the user to be able to do. In this case, Comment is an Excel Object. So, if you scroll to the bottom, you will see the option "Edit object". Make sure that is checked when you protect the sheet. Now someone can insert and edit comments but not the cell itself.
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    Thank you Shades!
    That was nice and easy!
    Have a good day

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