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    Unanswered: Mking Access Reports from other Access Reports

    Can I create an Access report from 5 or 6 other access reports? If I have a report for Jane that lists her customers names, how many times eahc customer called her then how many times she called them and totals incoming and then outgoing. Then i have the same reports for Joe, Bob etc with the same information. I want to just take the totals from all ove their reports and show them on a sperate report. Can that be done?

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    Sounds to me like what you really want is one report the gives the customer contacts for a given person and another one that gives a total for all the people.

    So rather then creating a seperate report per person create one that allows you to specify the person you want and another that creates a summary for everyone.

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    Also you may want to post questions like this in the Microsoft Access forum...
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