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    Unanswered: Install SQL2000 and SQL2005 in production environment?


    Is it possible to deploy both SQL2000 and SQL2005 on the same server in the production environment?

    Is it recommended? Next year we will be deploying a SQL2005 solution and was wondering if we could get away with installing it on the same server as the SQL2000 server, or whether we should put it on another server.

    We have up to a maximum of 50 concurrent users.


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    SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 can install on same machine.But I wont recommend in a production server.Better install on separate server.
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    Can you do it? - Sure you can.

    Should you do it? - It depends!

    It depends on resources available on the box. It depends on workload. It depends on the phase of the moon

    If you have another box to work with, say a development box, maybe install 2005 in a separate instance, then play with it to see if there any adverse effects. If not, plan for failure just in case comething goes drastically wrong. Maybe it will, probably it won't ... but it depends. I firmly believe that Murphy was an optimist

    But I would definitely install it to a separate instance in any case, on any box.

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