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    Unanswered: DB-Link and Object Columns

    I wonder if someone else had this problem before and if anyone may help me out of this mess...
    I have two databases connected by bidirectional database links. In a COBOL-program running on database 1 I try and read data from a table in database 2, having a synonym for the table in database 1.

    create synonym stg005 for;

    DB1> select * from stg005;

    => if I try this out in SQL*Plus I succeed in retrieving data from the table.
    I may even update and delete data in it.

    BUT: As soon as I try and implement that statement within my COBOL-code as a cursor, I get the following error message (PreCompiler):

    PCB-S-00576, PLS-453: remote operations not permitted on object tables or user-defined type columns

    I found another ORA-Message (#22804) that says there is no way to access tables with object columns via remote DB-Link ... IS THAT IT?!

    I cannot imaginge that there should be no way to retrieve object data from a remote table. In this case, there is only one abstract data type in the table, and this one is known in db1 as well as in db2!!!

    Answers, anyone?
    I would appreciate any response, as I stand with my back at the wall.


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    As with too many posts, no version of Oracle is mentioned. :-(
    In any cases, some versions had bugs regarding SYNONYMs.
    Alternatively you could drop the SYNONYM, which does not work, & CREATE VIEW instead.

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