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    Unanswered: Key_writes and Key_write_requests

    Sorry so many questions lately. Anyway, I guess I just don't understand these stats. The Key_write_requests is the number of requests to write a key block to the cache and the Key_writes are the number of times it had to be written to disk instead, right? So wouldn't you want to have many more requests than writes?

    I have a MyISAM only database running with over 200 MBs free in the key buffer but my ratio is almost one. Most requests are being written to disk. Is this normal or do I need to tune some more variables?


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    Doc. fos this:

    the quotient write_requests/writes should be close to 1. If it's much smaller, your io subsystem is to slow. requests than could not be fullfilled.
    Greetings, Martin

    thats's my understanding, but i may be wrong

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