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    Unanswered: .fmt file description

    hi to all
    does any one any information about the content of .fmt file
    it description syntax of lang it was written by
    just any information u know except it is an oracle file
    thanks to all
    watting for your replayes

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    Enjoy ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle Metalink

    Converting FMB to FMT

    The fmb file is a binary file. It maintains an internal data structure. Each time an object or item is added or deleted from a Form, the data structure is modified. In some instances, the data structure may be corrupt and the user may experience multiple GPF's in Forms.

    The fmt file is an ascii text file. This file contains the minimal information about a Form and should not be modified. The objects in the Form are described in this file. This file does not maintain an internal data structure, and it is strictly used for source control.

    When you convert the fmb file to an fmt file, the compiled PL/SQL code and data structure are stripped from the file.

    When you convert the fmt file back to an fmb file, the data structure is recreated. In some instances, this corrects the GPF's that were occurring in a Form.

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