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    Unanswered: Issue with cast function


    Can someone help me in the following:
    An example is shown below, I had assign a date (format: dd/mm/yyyy) to @vdate. Follow by a cast to vchar. The issue is that the date format is changed after the cast. I would like the date format to remain as dd/mm/yyyy after doing the cast. Hope someone can give some advices. Thanks alot.


    declare @vdate as datetime
    set @vdate = convert(datetime,'01/10/2005',103)

    select @vdate --> '10/01/2005' (date format required)

    cast(varchar(20),@vdate) --> 'Oct 1, 2005' (date format changed)

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    Dates are not stored in any format. They are actually stored as numeric values, which then are displayed in a requested format.
    Read up in Books Online on the topics of datetime datatypes and the CAST and CONVERT functions.
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