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    I have a database that I want multiple people to be able to access and read from at the same time and I am getting the error
    "Could not lock table “dbname”; currently in use by user “Admin” on machine “computerxx”."

    How do I tell the form to unlock the DB immediately or allow multiple people to access it at once.

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    check the lock settings for your database. Depending in the version of Access you use you shoudl consider 'record level' locking (A2000 on) or optimistic locking (earlier versions) - if you use optimistic locking (ie none) then you need to consoder how you will deal with write conflicts - ie where one person makes changes to data and someone else makes changes in the same timeframe.

    tools | options | advanced

    should do the trick
    whilst youare there make sure the default open mode is shared NOT exclusive

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