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    Question Unanswered: new table

    i would like to make a copy of a table in my database and then make a new empty table with the same characteristics of the original table only empty.
    the new table will have the original table's name and the origonal table will have a different name (so i want to rename it).
    there in mind i am using a split database.
    what i want is that the new table will be linked exactly the same as the original table (from the main .mdb file. even with the original name) only empty.
    the new table has to be linked with her new name (from the main .mdb file).
    i also want to make a way for the user to choose from the query window to select which table he can make the query on.
    another important thing is that the original table is linked to other tables so i will need the new one to be linked exactly the same and that the original won't lose it's connections although it has a new name (all that so the query will work proparly for both tables).
    can anyone help?!
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    As to the new table with the structure of the old table without the data, from the Tables window:

    1) Right Click on the name of the original Table
    2) Click on Copy
    3) Deselect the Table name by clicking on any blank space (anywhere other than the name of a table)
    4) Right Click and click on Paste
    5) A dialogue box will pop up
    6) Choose "Structure Only"
    7) Click "Okay"

    At this point you'll have to name the new Table. Pick any name other than the Original Table name. Right Click on the name of he original Table, select Rename, and pick a new name for your old Table. Do the same thing for your new Table, then name it after your original Table.

    You now have a new, blank Table named the same as your original Table, and your original Table, including its data, with a new name!

    Hope this helps!
    Hope this helps!

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    sorry i didn't mension that but i need to do it with a vba code
    thanks anyway for answering

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