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    Unanswered: SQL Server Question

    I have a question.

    Suppose we need to work 2 projects, the 2 projects is independent. No relation.

    When we work the MS Access, we will create a file and save as a specific filename in the local drive, right. So, there will be 2 filename for separate projects.
    eg. db1, db2.
    If I want to bring the files to home, then I go the local drive (eg. D:\ drive) to take them.
    We can bring the files to the anywhere if there are MS Access program.

    Whereas, SQL Server. Open the SQL Server, create 2 different database name inside the SQL Server Enterprises - Databases section. If I bring the 2 databases to home, how can I bring the databases file? Do we need to export/import databases? Because when I create the databases filename, the name is shown inside the SQL Server Enterprises - Databases section, we cannot find them in the local drive.


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    Backup & restore .....?


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