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    Unanswered: DSNDB07 sort space extents

    We are Z/0s DB2 7.1 shop.
    For a special purpose i need to extract an output which calls for a join of more than 6 to 7 tables in a batch job. Because for different cluster indexes in the join and some order by clauses, the query going a big sort. We are getting -904 continuously on SORT 4k spaces. Till we get our system people to increase the space is there a way to augment the 4k spaces by providing SORKWK01..n DD cards in the job. Any other suggestions are welcome.

    ofcource .. beaking the query into parts is my final resort.
    Any help in this is appreciated.

    Thanks for the post marcus. Well, the select set is not more than 300 bytes.
    ORDER BY clause is required for the purpose of reporting.
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    You can add sortwork in the JCL for utilities like reorg, etc, but in jobs that execute regular SQL statements that need to create system temporary tables.

    Also, if you are joining a lot of tables and the resulting row (or an intermediate row) is greater than 4000 bytes, DB2 may need to create temporary tables with a page size 8K or larger, and you system would need to be configured to support that.
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