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    Unanswered: Security - read-only data

    I have a question for Security.

    I setup one user to only read-only data in one form,
    the form have 2 buttons, which are generated code,
    I write the code in these 2 buttons.

    when the user click either one of the buttons,

    it has message:
    run-time error: '3326'
    The Recordset is not updateable.

    and then view the code I wrote.

    How can I set another error message, like "You do not have permission",
    I don't want the user to view the code, and see "The Recordset is not updateable".


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    then deploy you applciation as an MDE. However IF you choose to go down that route then make certain that you keep you design master (MDB) soemwhere safe -as you cannot make changes to the design of an MDE file.

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