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    Unanswered: Form Validation Rule

    I need to validate a form before update. I can not validate at the table level. This is a single form and if one field is filled in then two other fields have to be filled in or the record can not be written.

    I need to know a rule to write that accomplises if field (RTC) is not null then field (Competitor) and field (Reason) msut be filled in. Both fields Competitor and Reason are combo boxes so the user would need to fill in those fields by selecting from the dropdowns.

    I'm a beginner at this, but would entertain trying to do this with VBA but I need help after

    Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)

    IF RTC Is Not Null Then

    End Sub

    Any help or direction is greatly appreciated...


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    Never mind I figured it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chamark
    Never mind I figured it out
    Hi Chamark

    Would you be so kind as to post your solution in the event someone else comes to the site with a similar situation.


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