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    Unanswered: Error: 9003, Severity: 20, State: 1

    Hi All,

    I'm stuck with "Error: 9003, Severity: 20, State: 1" in MS-SQL Server 2000..I dont want to re-install the sql server ..since..i have other dependent s/w..!
    I guess..the Master DB is corrupted....!!

    When I tried to rebuild the Master db, i dont find the exe for!!

    ================================================== =======
    Error log:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Binn>sqlservr -c -T3608
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.81 server Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 8.00.760 (Intel X8
    Dec 17 2002 14:22:05
    Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation
    Enterprise Edition on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 1)

    2005-12-05 09:56:50.82 server Copyright (C) 1988-2002 Microsoft Corporation.

    2005-12-05 09:56:50.82 server All rights reserved.
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.82 server Server Process ID is 5548.
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.82 server Logging SQL Server messages in file 'C:\Program
    Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\log\ERRORLOG'.
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.84 server SQL Server is starting at priority class 'norma
    l'(2 CPUs detected).
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.88 server SQL Server configured for thread mode processin
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.90 server Using dynamic lock allocation. [2500] Lock Bloc
    ks, [5000] Lock Owner Blocks.
    2005-12-05 09:56:50.90 server Attempting to initialize Distributed Transactio
    n Coordinator.
    2005-12-05 09:56:52.93 spid4 Recovering only master database
    2005-12-05 09:56:52.95 spid4 Starting up database 'master'.
    2005-12-05 09:56:53.07 spid4 Error: 9003, Severity: 20, State: 1.
    2005-12-05 09:56:53.07 spid4 Cannot recover the master database. Exiting.
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    Issue resolved...!!

    Just the way i wanted..!Thanks Rashmi..!!

    Refer to this Post by rashmi...!


    Resolution is mentioned below:
    ================================================== ========
    Rashmi -Lsqms]
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    Re: Urgent help needed!


    Even though the SQL Server is installed on D: the default location of the databases
    seems to be set to C:, so its looking in 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
    Server\MSSQL\data\ folder for model.mdf' and modellog.ldf. You would have to make
    sure that these are in the right location for the server to start.

    Otherwise you can start the server from command prompt by

    sqlservr -c -T3608

    This will prevent recovery of all databases except model.

    Usually the resolution is to rebuild the master databases

    To rebuild the master database 1. Shutdown SQL Server; then run Rebuildm.exe in the
    Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\ MSSQL\ Binn directory. 2. Click Browse. 3. Select
    the \Data folder on the Microsoft® SQL Server? compact disc or in the shared network
    directory from which SQL Server was installed; then click OK. 4. Click Settings.
    Verify or change the character set, sort order, and Unicode collation used for the
    master database and all other databases. 5. The default character set, sort order,
    and Unicode collation are shown initially, which may not be the values selected
    during SQL Server Setup. You can select the same combination used earlier or select a
    new combination; then click OK. 6. Click Rebuild. The Rebuild Master utility
    reinstalls the master database.

    In the process you can make sure the data folder is set to D

    Later , after rebuilding master you will have to re-attach all the user databases
    using sp_attach_db

    You also will lose all the logins and will have to recreate them , and then relink
    the database users using sp_change_users_login



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    SQL Server gives error 9003 only if he found corrupt MDF file in so better option to eradicate it restore from good backup.

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    One option is to restore the database from the last valid backup.

    You can also

    Also take a look at these blogs:

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