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    Unanswered: Code crashes Access

    I have a batch of make table queries which is set to run when a command button is clicked. The code works correctly but takes several minutes to complete. This is fine aslong as the access window is kept to the front of the desktop. However as the code takes a while to run the user is prone to opening and using other programs while waiting, at which point access crashes so when they go back to access they either get a white screen or the previous window superimposed on to the access window and the (Not Responding) text appears on the title bar.

    Is there any way to stop access crashing while running this code when the access window loses focus to another application?

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    How are you running these queries? Perhaps you might want to put a DoEvents call between each query operation ...
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    if you get the message <XXXXXX> not responding - it doesn't neccesarily mean that the program has crashed. It may still be running, it just takes longer especiallyt if the user is opening up more programs.

    A "Doevents" between queries may be a good idea, but I suspect the real issue is what are you running realtime that takes up so much processor time. It may be more appropriate to consider if you need to do a processor intensive update in real time - perhaos in can be queued to run at another time, perhaps you can refine your queries to be more targeted.

    It may be that there are other design issues - eg where is the data, how is it being processed, how many time sis it being shinted back and forth accross your network (where do the queries run.

    do you need to make tables, coudl your desing be refined to make better use of SQL, do you need to dupicate data?


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    Owen and healdem already pretty much answered, but to quickly clarify one little point you asked: M Own suggested DoEvents somewhere in your query operation. DoEvents basically allows windows to process queued system events before continuing. this includes but is not limited to screen redraws. healdem already covered why the application appears to "crash", Owens will remove that appearance.

    Have you considered a progress bar?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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