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    Online feedback systems

    im quite new to all this, so apologies for any mistakes

    i have been given the task to design an online student feedback system for a university..
    basically it should allow students to access using their username and password (the system should be able detect who the student is and what course they are on and the modules they study--this is so that they can only access the questionnaires they are allowed to answer),

    The system should then allow students to answer multiple choice questions on their subjects. it should allow the administrator to change questions and edit details of who teaches what course etc

    the system has to produce feedback for lecturers and also senior staff in terms of a table containig how many people answered each question and give the option to present this information in graphs.......

    it sound like a lot of work and i am struggling to get started....
    can any one help?? i would be greatful if anyone could give me an idea of what the database tables would be for this type of system.........

    thanks in advance....hope u can help
    P.S. the system has to be created using php and mysql

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    This looks a lot like homework. We can't do your homework for you. But if you post the best attempt you can come up with someone may point out any mistakes or omissions in it.

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