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    Unanswered: Help VB, OWC11 error 430


    I am working with vb6 and owc11 and I get the following error when i try to call EportPicture method from Chartspace:
    "Run time error '430'.Class does not support Automation or does not support expexted interface".
    I've tried also in VB.NET and I get also error.
    I have installed owc11.dll 11.0.65555. Maybe there is an older version of the owc11 that is better than this, a link somtehing...

    Thank you

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    After installing SQL 2005 November release, I got a similar error with chartspace exportpicture. Te owc installed is owc11-6555.

    I found an older owc-6255, uninstalled the 6555 and installed the old one.
    Now VB and export picture work BUT the Sql manager cannot display data in cube browser ?!!

    Possibly Microsoft has to fix the component or is there any known solution?


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