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    Red face Unanswered: migration from acess to postgres

    I tried to export an existing database from MSAccess by right-clicking on the table and saying "export".
    I had an open connection port 5432, username, password all set and was able to connect using ODBC- PostGres ANSI.
    The table got exported alright and i am able to see it using PGAdmin III.

    But ....
    the data in the table did not get exported. So its a blank table in the database with correct number, name and type of columns but no data in it....

    There were no error msgs...

    Is this the was it is supposed to be?
    If Yes?
    How do i get the actual data in the tables then?

    If No?
    How do i get the actual data in the tables?

    please help... (desperation)
    tia, any more info required pl. ask.


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    dirty way

    the easiest and dirty way is
    create the tables in postgres

    link the tables create in postgres through the odbc driver and copy and paste the data from access to the linked tables in postgres
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