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    Question Unanswered: Cannot initialize IDS

    Hi @all,

    first, i'm from germany, so sorry for my probably bad english.

    i have a great problem in installing an ids 9.40 tc6. when i try to initialize the service the first time i will get the following error:

    11:25:12 Booting Language <c> from module <>
    11:25:12 Loading Module <CNULL>
    11:25:12 Booting Language <builtin> from module <>
    11:25:12 Loading Module <BUILTINNULL>
    11:25:16 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.TC6 Software Serial Number xxx#xxxxxxx
    11:25:17 KAIO: error in kaio_READ, kaiocbp = 0x376957c8, errno = 0
    11:25:22 fildes = 1716 (gfd 3), buf = 0x37893800, nbytes = 4096, offset = 8192
    11:25:22 Assert Warning: chunk failed sanity check

    11:25:22 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 9.40.TC6
    11:25:22 Who: Session(1,, 0, 00000000)
    Thread(6, main_loop(), 0, 3)
    File: rspartn.c Line: 7812
    11:25:22 Results: Chunk 1 is being taken OFFLINE.
    11:25:22 Action: Restore chunk from archive.
    11:25:22 stack trace for pid 492 written to D:\tmp\af.3ee6712
    11:25:23 See Also: D:\tmp\af.3ee6712
    11:25:24 Releasing server from system block
    11:25:27 chunk failed sanity check

    11:25:27 chunk failed sanity check

    11:25:28 I/O error, Primary Chunk 'D:\IFMXDATA\online_tlz\rootdbs_dat.000' -- Offline (sanity)
    11:25:28 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Stopped.

    I've a windows system, 2003 server incl. SP1, nothing else is installed. i've made the server completly new (reinitialize raid, installing W2K3, installing SP1, installing IDS). the harddisks are at a raid10 on an intel raid-controller (drivers are up-to date). i try to install it on the second partition (D:\). when i install it on the primary partition (C:\) everything works fine. but this is not the practible way, installing an informix server for the customer. when i try to make a hardware check on the disks, there are no errors.

    so, does anyone have a resolution for me???

    thanks in advance for any idea.


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    is this a valid path?


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