Hello Guys,
We want to implement a Standby Oracle Database (DR Site) for our Production Db and we will be using DataGuard feature. I have few queries and request u to help. It is mainly towards server side..

The details of my Primary database is as follows:
H/w: SUN SPARC RISC Based 64-bits processor, H/w RAID (RAID Level-5)
Operating System: Sun Solaris 9
S/w: Oracle9i R-2 64-bits s/w

1. Is it only we need to concentrate 64-bits processor for Standby Database or it has to be SAME in Architecture also. I mean if primary is on RISC based server then does it mandatory to have your Standby db also on RISC based or it could be CISC based 64-bits processor also.
2. Is any relevance about the processor speed.? I mean if Primary serevr CPU speed is 900Mhz, will CPU speed of 1.2 GHz work for Standby Server. I hope it must not because we do not get Old Server always available in the market.
3. Is it mandatory to have Standby server also in RAID-5.?
4. If the OS version of Primary Db is Solaris-9, can OS version of Standby Db be Solaris-10. I know that Oracle Db must be same of same version includiing patch set etc. But not clear about OS version.

Please suggest if you hv any link where i can get all these details or may pls. help. It would be nice for me to start planning towards DR Site. I am also working on it side-by-side and thought that community could help be much faster. Any help would be better for me. Thanks.