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    Mapping between two different model/database

    Hi everybody,

    I've searched through the forum and the internet but i am unable to find any answers to my problem.

    I have two different models (so two different database) and actually one of them is the newer version of the other one. Because of this, although these are different models, nearly %60 of the tables and the attributes could be mapped from one of them to the other one.

    Well i am searching a tool that can do such mapping or some useful information (books, web pages etc) about this subject. The only thing i can find is :
    But besides that one neither a tool nor an information i could find yet.

    Do you have any suggestions or knowledge about this?

    Thank you.

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    Erwin (from CA) may be able to do what you are suggesting.

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    In terms of widely available, general purpose tools I know of two choices. ErWin can definitely do that. The extreme high end (Enterprise Architect?) version of Microsoft's Visual Studio can do it. There may be other tools that can do it too.

    There are many database-engine specific tools that will also help with this kind of problem. Some are provided by the engine vendor, others are third party, some are even public domain. You probably have many choices, but its practically impossible to pre-guess what those might be.


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    These replies are really important for me and thank - both of - you for your quick answers, i'll try ErWin and Microsoft's Visual Studio and ask here again if i have further questions.

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