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    Unanswered: setFetchSize() method

    Hi frnds,

    For jdbc driver ....

    how to improve dabase record fetch time using setFetchSize() method ??

    Shld i use setfetchsize method with Statement object or with ResultSet object ???

    What is the defference between the 2 methods ?

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    I thnk u shld set ftchsz to da nmbr of rcrds u r going to wrk wth at a time. For xmpl if u show rslts to ur usr 20 rws at a time u shud set ftchsz to twnty; zis won't dcrs da total ftch time bt wil brng da frst 20 rcrds fastr.

    u shld setfetchsize wth Statement bcs with ResultSet its alrdy 2 late.

    i hp ths is clr.

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    Thnx for reply ..

    I m not designing UI or Web based application.
    It is XML based request - response application ...

    The resultset can contain records of extremely varying size ranging from 2 to 4000 ...

    The reply XML contains these records.

    So what fetchsize i shld use ?

    Currently i have stmt fetch size = 1000 and resultset.fetchsize = 20 ...

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