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    Unanswered: Very simple (n00b) - db backup?

    Hey peeps, n00b here, in WAY over my head.

    I have an MS SQL server running in the office, which is used for more than one application - the same server hosts databases for at least two totally seperate applications. One of these databases is called CApplication, and another iscalled CSystem, and these two together support an app called Client.

    All I want to do is create CApplication2, which is an exact one-time copy of CApplication. I don't need it to update, or synchronise, or link to any other database, or anything. I want to write an interface for this DB, and I don't want to use the live one.

    Do I "detach" then "copy" then "reattach" or something? If somebody could give me some rather lame step-by-step instructions I would really appreciate it - I can take this databasse offline, but I really should try to put it back online as soon as possible, and it is essential that nothing changes in between!

    I'm a bit nervous about this, if I break this database I'm a dead man. Thanks guys!

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    Go to Enterprise manager,right click on the database -->All tasks-->back up database.Give name for ur backup file.

    then u have to restore daatabase with new name if ur using same server.

    Go to Enterprise manager,right click on the database -->All tasks-->restore database(make sure u give different name on 'Restore as database').
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    Thankyou, exactly what I needed to the letter.

    I'll see you in the next life, and buy you a beer...

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