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    Unanswered: determining DB type

    I've received an email with a foreign DB type from a russian company. Well, access can't import anything from it, and the GUI that comes with it is my only way to viewing the data.

    Well, I've chucked them a mail hoping to get the proper ODBC driver to access the lot with a query tool as the VB GUI for the database is limited to basic filtering.

    Are there any tools out there for figuring out formats?

    I've tried everything form old Access to Sybase, over foxpro to God knows what format. I am only guessing its a standard DB format, as its a VB gui... but for all the facts I know, it might just be encrypted.
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    Try this routine VB
    On your form Set Text1 object multiline to true
    if the resulting display is garble then it's probably encripted, if readable you can export it to MS ACcess.

    Dim NewLine As String
    Dim v As Integer
    Dim y As Integer
    Dim LineText() As String
    MousePointer = vbHourglass
    Text1.Text = ""
    Open UnknownDataPathAndName For Input As #1
    'Read data
    Linecount = 0
    v = 0
    'Assign each line to array
    Do Until EOF(1)
    Line Input #1, NewLine
    Linecount = Linecount + 1
    ReDim Preserve LineText(Linecount)
    LineText(Linecount) = Text1.Text + NewLine
    Close #1
     Text1.Text = ""
     ' Display the resulting text
     For y = 1 To Linecount
     Text1.Text = Text1.Text + LineText(y) + vbCrLf
    MousePointer = vbdefault
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