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    Unanswered: About Access?

    Hi Members!

    I am new one, just registered Myself. I want to learn about MS-Access programming, I have knowledge about database objects and controls, but I want to learn the programming like declaration, selection statements, functions etc.

    I have programming background, but I want to get little touch about complete Ms-Access programming.

    From where I can get. Please recommend me some material, like e-book, so that I can down load it


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    When I wanted to learn Access, I googled Learning Microsoft Access and looked to see what might work for me. I purchased a training program that I could access online at It was very basic but it got me started. Then I went to and looked at all the Access books available. I much prefer to go to Barnes & Noble so I can actually look at the books. (No book stores where I live so I would have to wait until I went out of town.)

    Mostly, I learned by trial and error and searching for answers on the internet when I ran into a wall, which at first was quite often.

    Also, make sure you understand the theory of relational databases. It will save you a lot of headaches.

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