Hello. I am building a program in Access for manufacturing puposes. This program will be used for truck enignes such as CAT, Mercedes...ect. The problem that I am having is this:
I want to use the ApplyFilter in a form (named Filter), to allow the end user to select the engine type to see all of the inventory of one engine type without having to scroll through thousands of lines. I have already set up the combo box filter (with "CAT";"60 Series";"MBE" for the engine types to choose from) in the form [MoveToPreShip] and I have a macro built for it as well. Here is what I have completed so far:

Macro Name - EngineType: On Change
Condition - [Forms]![MoveToPreShip]![Filter]="60 Series"
Action - ApplyFilter

I usually just use an ApplyFilter on a form to filter dates of shipments in programs but this one has me stumped. My unique number is the serial number for the engines and since each of the type of engines are manufactured from different suppliers, the serial numbers all start with different numbers or letters. (ex: for CAT engines, all engine serial numbers either start with "KCA*****";"KCB*****";"BXS*****";"MXS*****" and the 60 series engines all start with "7********"...ect.)
Could someone point me in the right direction on an expressionto use? I would greatly appreciate it!

Let me know if I need to leave more information. Thanks!