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    Unanswered: Imported data - ⌂ Characters

    Greetings, long time no VB...

    I have imported data from an excel spreadsheet into a Table. In the excel spreadsheet, the users will sometimes use <Shift+Enter> to enter multiple lines on the same field.

    When these fields are imported, I end up with this little box character in the data. It's simply a square, my powers of deduction indicate that there is one square for every new line in a field.

    it looks like this : ⌂

    I want to eliminate them from the table! Any suggestions?


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    What datatype is your field? If you change it to memo, does it get interpreted as newline?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    The square symbol can be removed using a VB fucntion as part of an update query

    in your function yu will need to find if the specified characters exist (instr is your friend), and then replace() such occurances. have a look at the helpfile for string functions.

    I forget which but the symbols your are looing for are Chr$(10) and / or chr$(13)

    failing that you could test in your function to find non standard characters and then replace those (non standard meaning anything outside the alphanumeric & punctuation characters) - search for the chr() & Asc() fnctions for more details

    I forget if you can search for the unprntable character using like "*" & chr$(x) & "*", however if evry record or virtually every record has this in then just select all in the query.


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