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    Unhappy Unanswered: Can I print Cryatel Report in draft mode

    Respected Everyone
    I want to print my report in dot matrix printer in draft mode
    so that I may get gud speed printing
    How can I use draft mode in Crystal Report

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    Maybe you can just change the properties of your printer before you send the report to the printer. Preview the report, select printer setup and find the advance setup if any, depending on what's available in your printer options. If you can select the lowest density, that should do it.

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    Change your font.

    The best way to do it is to change the printer properties.

    1. Open your report.
    2. Click File, and then select Printer setup.
    3. Select your Epson LX300 printer. A Draft fonts family will appear on the list of
    Fonts. This fonts is specific to Epson LX300, meaning it will appear only if you
    select Epson LX300 as your printer.
    4. Then, Select and right-click all the labels and fields in your reports, then
    select Font tab, under the font list, scroll down to the Draft font family. You
    should see all the available Draft fonts (i.e. Draft 16, draft 15, draft 17).
    5. The higher the number the smaller the fonts (compressed).
    6. Now save your report and then try to print.

    That's all folks.

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    Cool Thanks

    Thanks a lot

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