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    Unanswered: transferspreadsheet, sheetnumber instead of sheetname

    I'm using this code (the entire procedure is not included)

            importnavn = "temp" & Trim(Str(X))
            Sheetnavn = "Sheet" & Trim(Str(X)) & "!"
            boxstring = boxstring & "Ark" & Trim(Str(X)) & ";"
            MsgBox "test: " & Sheetnavn & " test", vbOKOnly
            DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, , importnavn, filen, True, Sheetnavn
    to import sheets from excel to access tables. It all works very nice, as long as the sheets are using english sheetnames "sheet1"..."sheetX", but I was wondering if there's a way using the range variable with a sheet number rather than a name, as I don't always know the name of the sheets being imported.


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    if thats your problem I'd suggest using OLE automation, open an instance of Excel and
    examine the excel collections - one or more of them has the sheet names included - it may be in the workbooks collection


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