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    Unanswered: SQL/Acces Record Locking

    I am running an Access 2000 front end and MS SQL2000 as a backend and I am having problems with record locking.

    I have just found out that If you use ODBC then Access acts as if No Locks are set. In an ideal world I need the record to be locked by a user as soon as they move onto it. If not as soon as they start editing it?


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    You need to do a little reading about SQL Server impliments locking and the type of locks that exist. I suggest you start with Books Online\Contents\Accessing and Changing Relational data\locking and everything under that chapter.

    Actually holding an exclusive lock on a record for a long period of time is generally a bad thing. Some programmers impliment a record check out scheme through their applications.
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    You can set the locking option the in Access query that you're using. Look in the query properties. Also, do a search on optimistic/pessimistic locking.

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