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    Question HELP! Exception Error 800a01fb

    Ia m installing MySQL on my windows 2003 server. But when trying to run a short vbscript I get error 800a01fb on Conn.Execute. The database seems to work fine from MySQL administrator and ODBC test is successful.

    Please help me with this one!

    I have installed
    * MySQL 5.0
    * MySQL ODBC v5.0
    * MySQL Administrator
    * MySQL Query Browser
    * MDAC 2.8
    * IIS 6.0


    Set Conn = createobject("ADOBD.Connection")
    Conn.Open="Driver={MySQL Connector/ODBC v5.0};Server=Localhost;Database=MyDb;User=root;Pas sword=MyPw;Option=3;"
    MySQL="SELECT * FROM Tablename"
    set rs=Conn.Execute(MySQL)

    set Conn=Nothing
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    My first guess would be that you'd get a lot better response if you posted this in the MySQL forum than you will here.

    The HRESULT of 800a01fb is certainly interesting, and it might help someone to help you, but I'd do a whole lot better with the error message, and even better if you included a short script to reproduce the error.


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    Sorry if I posted wrong, I am new here not familiar with this large forum and all catagories.

    Well, my guess is that the error is not directly related to MySQL since I have seen other people who got the same error using Access. Maybe there are different solutions depending on which database you use. Or maybe it is something with IIS or MDAC. I hope someone else knows.

    What about a script? I posted the code, very short code. Maybe I missunderstood you.

    Errormessage (translated by me now from swedish)
    "Runtime error in Microsoft VBScript Error 800a01fb. An exception appeared 'Execute'"

    Thanks for any help! Seems to be a great forum this.
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    I have posted this issue in MySQL-forum as suggested. So please answer in that thread for clearity.


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