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    Useful resources!

    Just completed college and now in a job hunt. But the real tragedy is recruiters are expecting to be certified. I am planning to take MCSE exam 70-270.
    Can I get a help here about all the useful resources regarding this exam.

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    Unfortunately you'll find that recruiters are often clueless. If they are expecting a 70-270 certification, which is for Windows XP Professional, they are looking for high-school graduates, not college graduates, but they might not even realize that.

    I'd strongly suggest that if a recruiter can't defend their reasoning for wanting a 70-270, you REALLY want to find a better recruiter.


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    you can follow them!

    Hello John, you can get very good resources if you just do some google search.
    But as for me I have taken ucertify stuff. Their practice questions are too good and also the study materials are really helpful to understand the technical terms.
    Wish you can follow them and hoping for the best.

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