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    Unanswered: Saving to tables!

    My Application Users can enter name,address,Phone Number etc on a form.
    I have a tbl"users" which already stores existing users.
    How can i Transfer the info from the "new user login Form" to this Existing Users table?

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    Well from the small amount of detail in the question I have to assume the the following answer will help

    Just use the foem wizrd and make a form that thereafter will be attached to the table "User" - then name the form just before save as "New User Entry"

    save the form and off you go - enter the new user


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    dim strSQL as string
    strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblUsers (firstName, lastName, phoneNo) VALUES ('" _
    & me.myFirstNameBox & "', '" _
    & me.myLastNameBox & "', '" _
    & me.myPhoneNoBox & "');"
    currentdb.execute strSQL

    running in the current form (perhaps in response to a SAVE button _Click) this code will stick info from the current form textboxes named myFirstNameBox, myLastNameBox, and myPhoneNoBox into a new record in tblUsers.

    you should probably add some sort of check to:
    -- ensure the "new" user is really NEW
    -- ensure the form has been filled in reasonably
    maybe also worry a little if ' or " are possible candidates for user input characters.

    above strSQL assumes that all your fields are text.
    for numbers: drop the ' and ' that surrounds the numeric textbox name
    for dates: replace the ' and ' that surrounds the date textbox name with # and #

    currently using SS 2008R2

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