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    Unanswered: Query Procedural Problem in Access 2003

    I download thousands of records once a month to run through calculation procedures.

    I need to work on a subset of these records so, if I’m correct, a select query won’t work because that produces a dynaset, not an actual table.

    The subset table records must adhere to field properties that I define in the datasheet.

    So I think I need to have an existing table that holds my defined field properties.

    Then I guess I need to have a delete query to empty this table each month, and then an append query to add the new subset records to the table of delete records so I don’t have to reset the field properties in the datasheet each month.

    So . . .

    1.> download and import the data into Access
    2.> Perform a delete query to remove the previous month’s records.
    3.> Perform an append query to add the new records.

    Is this the best way to accomplish this?

    Can I then convert the queries to SQL and attach to a button and run the entire thing all at once with a push of that button?

    Thanks much . . .

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    I use the approach you've outlined for much the same thing. Works fine for me.

    You can get a button to run SQL queries sequentially using either macros or vba.


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