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    Unanswered: An idea of performance tuning

    We are now maintaining organizations and users through an intermedium table call user_orgs, which organizations table name is [code_orgstructure] and users table name is [users]. And user_orgs contain both userid and orgid to join code_orgstructure and users

    Just an idea taken from this link:, not sure if it practical to implement

    As now we already store the leaf_orgid in [users] table:

    | userid | ... | leaf_orgid |

    May be we can add column [ prime_number ] and [ prime_sum ] to code_orgstructure table,

    | orgid | ... | prime_number | prime_total |

    Which, prime_number is an unique prime number id for specific organization; and prime_total is the multiple of all prime_number for specific organization and all the ansectors. Afterward, which generate some report, instead of have query like:

    select XXX from YYY where user_orgs.orgid = ? and user_orgs.userid = users.userid and users.leaf_orgid = code_orgstructure.orgid (assign selected organization's orgid as parameter)

    we can have

    select XXX from YYY where code_orgstructure.prime_sum % ? == 0 and user_orgs.userid = users.userid and users.leaf_orgid = code_orgstructure.orgid ( assigne selected organization's prime_number as parameter, and then check if the remainder is zero or not )

    The former solution make use of index but need to join one table more and the new solution cannot make use of index but join less tables. I am not sure if it work faster or not, would anyonoe comment about this?
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    >would anyonoe comment about this?
    When all else fails, benchmark the alternatives.
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